Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Event Policy On Alcoholic Beverages?

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowable in accordance with the policy set forth by Tennessee State Parks.  Beer, liquor, and wine by the drink are available at each park inn, and riders over the age of 21 may enjoy beverages in designated rider camping areas.

What Concierge Services Are Available?

Looking for towel service, camping equipment, a shuttle from the airport? VeloSante will offer concierge services during the 2017 BRAT.  Visit the VeloSante Cycling Services website to learn more.  To make reservations, contact VeloSante directly at 828.545.1039.

When Should I Arrive for the BRAT?

Riders are welcome to arrive at Montgomery Bell State Park on Friday, September 15th to camp the night before the ride starts on Saturday, September 16th. On Friday, registration will open at 3PM at the ballfield. The Montgomery Bell State Park address is 1020 Jackson Hill Road, Burns, Tennessee 37029.

Once you check in, we will point in the direction of your campsite or the Montgomery Bell Inn and the secure overnight parking. While dinner that night is not included in your registration, we welcome all riders to join us in the Forge Restaurant at the Montgomery Bell Inn for dinner!

If you will be arriving on Saturday, September 16th, please arrive before 6:30AM and follow signs for registration at the ballfield. Breakfast will open at 6:00AM and the ride will start at 7:00AM.

When will 2017 information be available?

The 2017 Bicycle Ride Across Tennessee will take place on Saturday, September 16th – 20th. The parks are Montgomery Bell State Park, David Crockett State Park, Pickwick Landing State Park, Natchez Trace State Park, and Paris Landing State Park.

Please check back, send us a message, or like our Facebook page for the most up to date information, including route and more specifics, as it becomes available.

What is the daily schedule?

6:00AM — Breakfast

7:00AM — Ride Begins

8:00AM — Riders must be on the ride

6:00PM — Dinner

Please note that some days may vary slightly.

What Kind of Bag Should I Pack? How Many Bags Can I Bring? What Do I Need to Bring?

The bag that you bring to store your belongings should be waterproof and made of a sturdy material that will hold up throughout the week. Please, no sharp edged straps or buckles on the outside. Also, mark your bag in a way to help you find it among the other bags.

You are allowed two (2) bags per rider, and each bag should weigh less than 60 lbs. The reason is any heavier and you will have trouble loading and unloading your stuff out of the baggage trucks! Pack light! To ensure your clothing stays dry, pack clothes in large plastic bags, press them flat to remove extra air, then seal.

We’ve put together a packing list to help you decide what to bring. You can view it here.

What Does My Registration Fee Include?

Your registration fee includes a fully supported route complete with Tennessee State Park Rangers on patrol and SAG stops, hot showers, beautiful campsites, wonderful meals (breakfast and supper), bike mechanic, t-shirt, live entertainment and interpretive programming.

Can Non-Riders Participate?

Yes! Non-riders are welcome to enjoy the festivities! Registration options for non-riders include food, enertainment and a great BRAT t-shirt! You can get more info at

How Much Does the Ride Cost?

You can view current registration options and rates at

I Can’t Stay the Entire Week. Can I Just Ride Part?

We’ve also got a weekend ride option for those who can’t make the entire events.  You can view our list of options on