Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Arrive for the BRAT?

Friday, September 15th

Riders are welcome to arrive at Montgomery Bell State Park on Friday, September 15th to camp the night before the ride starts on Saturday, September 16th. On Friday, registration will open at 3PM at the Montgomery Bell State Park Ballfield Pavilion. The Montgomery Bell State Park address is 1020 Jackson Hill Road, Burns, Tennessee 37029.

Join us for a BRAT Welcome Party! During registration from 3PM to 6PM, we will have an afternoon of fun. Tennessee Brew Works will be on-site sampling their new State Park Blonde Ale beer. The Forge Restaurant staff will be selling beverages and dinner. We will have music, a silent auction, and much more! 

Once you check in, we will point in the direction of your campsite or the Montgomery Bell Inn for your overnight accommodations.

At 6:00PM on Friday, we still have a brief Rider Meeting to answer any questions that riders have and discuss more about what you can expect on the route. State Naturalist Randy Hedgepath will speak about the beautiful region of Tennessee that you will be biking through for the next 5 days. Following this, we will have a great program about the Cumberland Trail by Park Manager Bobby Fulcher. 

Saturday, September 16th 

If you will be arriving on Saturday, September 16th, please arrive before 6:30AM and follow signs for registration at the Montgomery Bell State Park Ballfield. Breakfast will open at 6:00AM and the ride will start at 7:00AM.

How is the route marked?

In most instances, the turn signals are painted on the pavement close to the right shoulder of the road. The route markings in some areas may be placed on signs located on the right shoulder of the road when it is not permissible to paint the symbols on the pavement. They will be marked as follows:

The route will be marked on the road in the following manner:

  1. The first route marker will be 100 feet prior to the turn.
  2. The next route marker will be 20 feet prior to the turn.
  3. The third route marker will be 10 feet after the turn.
  4. Some turns, like those on downgrades, will have three (3) markers before the turn. The spacing will be 150 feet, 100 feet, and 20 feet prior to the turn.
  5. When there is a long stretch of road that does not have any marked turns, there will be a straight-ahead marker every five (5) miles to confirm you are traveling in the right direction.

I am signed up for the 2-day weekend ride. How does that work?

Riders who signed up for the 2-day weekend ride will ride the same routes on Saturday, September 16th (Montgomery Bell State Park to David Crockett State Park) and Sunday, September 17th (David Crockett State Park to Pickwick Landing State Park) as the 5-day ride. At 4PM* on Sunday, the shuttle will leave from Pickwick Landing State Park to return riders to their vehicles parked in the secure parking area at Montgomery Bell State Park.

*Subject to change based on rider arrivals. If the first shuttle is full and ready to go, this departure time may be earlier. If riders have not made it to Pickwick Landing State Park, we will hold the last shuttle until they are ready. 

What Does My Registration Fee Include?

Your registration includes:

  • 5 Beautiful Tennessee State Park campsites
  • Delicious breakfast and dinner each day (9 meals total)
  • Hot showers
  • Nightly live entertainment
  • Maps and cue sheets
  • Extra porta-potties at overnight sites
  • Rest stops every 15 – 20 miles with hydration, nutrition, porta-potties
  • Tennessee State Park Ranger support and security
  • Baggage transportation to the overnight campsites
  • Bike mechanic on the route and at camp
  • Access to medical team
  • Awesome 2017 BRAT t-shirt

I will be flying in for the BRAT. What’s the best way to get there?

The closest airport is Nashville International Airport (BNA). The airport is about 40 miles from Montgomery Bell State Park.

For transportation from the airport, we recommend using a shuttle service or ride share, such as Uber or Lyft. Uber prices are about $50-$100 depending on vehicle choice and time of day. Use code mllux for $20 off your first ride with Uber.

If you want to ship your bike, VeloSante offers bicycle shipping services. View their website for more information.

What is the Event Policy On Alcoholic Beverages?

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowable in accordance with the policy set forth by Tennessee State Parks.  Beer, liquor, and wine by the drink are available at each park inn, and riders over the age of 21 may enjoy beverages in designated rider camping areas.

What Concierge Services Are Available?

Looking for towel service, camping equipment, a shuttle from the airport? VeloSante will offer concierge services during the 2017 BRAT.  Visit the VeloSante Cycling Services website to learn more.  To make reservations, contact VeloSante directly at 828.545.1039.

What is the daily schedule?

6:00AM — Breakfast

7:00AM — Ride Begins

8:00AM — Riders must be on the ride

6:00PM — Dinner

Please note that some days may vary slightly.

What Kind of Bag Should I Pack? How Many Bags Can I Bring? What Do I Need to Bring?

The bag that you bring to store your belongings should be waterproof and made of a sturdy material that will hold up throughout the week. Please, no sharp edged straps or buckles on the outside. Also, mark your bag in a way to help you find it among the other bags.

You are allowed two (2) bags per rider, and each bag should weigh less than 60 lbs. The reason is any heavier and you will have trouble loading and unloading your stuff out of the baggage trucks! Pack light! To ensure your clothing stays dry, pack clothes in large plastic bags, press them flat to remove extra air, then seal.

We’ve put together a packing list to help you decide what to bring. You can view it here.

Can Non-Riders Participate?

Yes! Non-riders are welcome to enjoy the festivities! Registration options for non-riders include food, enertainment and a great BRAT t-shirt! You can get more info at