"This is my 3rd year of riding BRAT and will continue next year. The staff was great and the Rangers were awesome!!"
"Thank you for having an awesome staff, serving your guests, and taking care of us."
"I have ALWAYS said,ever since my 1st BRAT,that because the TN Park Rangers are out on the course at all times, it is the SAFEST ride out there. I convey this to everyone to whom I recommend the ride. also--thank you for continuing to charm Carter into providing his services. He is so knowledgeable and so honest."
"There is nothing I would change about BRAT 2016 except the extreme temps (96) which you have no control over!!! When you start biking distances in the 70+ miles - it's challenging - but what an accomplishment. The food, music and locations were great!"
"What's not to like?"
"Well organized, helpful staff, entertaining evening events, beautiful TN countryside."
"I thought it is a beautiful tour. Camping was good, food was good, lots to see. The entertainment at night was great and Ranger Bob was wonderful to listen to. Lots of stops for snacks along the way. I did not get lost once with the road markers. I would enjoy the ride again in a year where the route has a couple of flatter days. Lol, I found myself hating downhills because there was going to be an uphill ;-)) Cheers and thanks!"
"I really felt safe with the rangers on the course every day! The food was excellent and the Tennessee Parks we visited were very nice. I met the nicest people on this tour than any other tour I have participated in (this is my first BRAT but I have completed 10 other week-long tours)."
"The best multi-day ride I have ever been involved with!"